This advice is based on the economic factors driving cybercrime, if you are interested you can read about this in more depth here. What you will find below are steps you can take to make yourself or your loved ones more secure as they use the internet.

Freeze your Credit

Difficulty: Easy


As with anyone who works in cybersecurity I have been asked countless times for some advice on what they can do to reduce their risk. The reality is, that with a basic understanding of the dynamics of cybercrime you can do a lot with little effort. …

This post is a continuation of the series started here —

and references concepts explained here —

“Do you know what repo that code is in?”

“I am just going to add it to this service, the build guys are all backed up and it will take too long to…

This post is a continuation of the series started here —

The ability to incrementally evolve your production environment by allowing your developers to simply check in code opens up an incredible opportunity for velocity but needs appropriate controls to ensure stability, maintainability and security. …

Scaling OTX

First, credit where credit is due. Open Threat Exchange would not have been possible without the hard work of many, many people. Jaime Blasco deserves all the credit for the vision of OTX, the drive to get it off the ground, and the continued inspiration for keeping it…

Russell Spitler

Russell Spitler has spent his career in cybersecurity working as an engineer, architect, product manager, and product executive.

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